Friday, 9 September 2011

War-Craft 3 (Dota)

Frozen Throne : Dota

1) Maps : 6.70
2) version : 1.24

3) Rules:
  • Game will be played in a 2 vs 2 format or 3 vs 3 format , i.e. Clan of 2/3 members per side will be allowed to participate.
  • First round will awarded to the team who uproates the first tower of any lane.
  • Heroes will be selected by 'SD' mode.
  • The Finals will be played in a 'CM' mode.
  • Players can change weather,terrain and war-key settings
  • War-key setup , if needed should be brought by the players
  • Banned heroes won't be allowed in the match
  • In case of technical problems like PC clang /PC hang /PC restart , the game will be restarted.
  • Any kind of help will be provided by the officials present there.
  • Officials can disqualify if any misbehavior / screening / fights occurs at the match time.

4) Finals
  • Final match will be played in a 'CM' mode.
  • Winner will be decided when all the 3 towers of any lane will be uproated.
5) Event will be started and completed on the day itself , i.e. on 11th February 2011,

The Registration for all the On-Spot Events will be done before the 22nd Sept. 2011

The students are requested to bring their ID Card with them (Compulsory)


Anonymous said...

the version can be changed ?
and the maps also?

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